"The Piano Technician is a vital link of which the Piano, Pianist, and Piano Technician are one."        

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    Hi, I'm Gary Bauchman, RPT, a Piano Technician and restorer of pianos. Arthur Munter, a blind sixty-plus year veteran of Piano Tuning taught me piano tuning and repair. A few years later Steinway and Sons of NYC employed me as an A-grade Piano Technician where Billy Joel, Yoko Ono, and nameless others chose pianos which I had prepared from the factory and conferred with other Concert Tuners and Steinway performing artists. My piano work greatly improves piano tone and touch response. Highest quality service at reasonable cost. As an Appraiser I find great pianos well below retail. I'm also a musician with Recording Studio experience and have an electronics degree. Currently work as a Piano Technician on staff at the Music Conservatory Of Westchester.

     Performing artists, venues and instructors who I worked with:

     Margrit Zimmermann: International Concert Artist and Piano Instructor at Nyack College: NYC.  
     Sergei Babayan: International Concert Artist and Piano Instructor at Juilliard School of Music: NYC.
     Peter Ritzen: International Concert Artist and Composer.
     David Leitman: Pianist, Composer, Instructor, Music director- Times Square Church, NYC. 
​     Capitol and Emelin Theaters, several schools, recording studios. 
   Norah Jones, Harry Connick, Tom Petty, Iggy Pop, Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, Lyle Lovett, Brandi Carlile,           George Winston.

 "As a working classical pianist with a busy schedule my piano has suffered much wear and tear, but I couldn't simply stop using it for my private lessons, plus the work done to my Hamburg Steinway 'B' grand had to be first rate. Gary Bauchman quickly assessed what work it needed, did a fine job tuning it and replaced some damaged parts in the piano action. I am very happy to recommend him because of the results on my piano.          Sincerely, 

Margrit Zimmermann"

                                                LIST OF SERVICES AND FEES FOR 2017

                Basic Piano tuning (Includes 15 minutes extra work and inspection)..$155.00 
                Pitch raise, repairs, voicing, action regulation, cleaning, etc.............$106/hr.
                Basic service call..........................................................................$56.00
                Consultation (Appraisal with basic information)...............................$180.00
                Evaluation For Fair Market Value (Detailed appraisal, written)...........$285.00
                Piano Restoration: Full or partial restoration of Steinway and other fine Pianos

Gary Bauchman Piano Tuner
 My first "patient" an old upright piano 1979
 With Henry Z. Steinway, 2004
Piano Tuning Westchester County, New York
​ARTIST'S TOUCH PIANO                                     

Artist's Touch Comprehensive Piano Services
Gary Bauchman, RPT, Master of Piano Technology
(914) 325-0003 (cellphone, text) 
E-mail: artiststouchpiano@verizon.net
With over 40 years experience in piano tuning, voicing, regulation, rebuilding, appraisal and other services. Serving Westchester County, Fairfield, Rockland, New York City, Long Island and other areas.
Henry Steinway and Gary Bauchman